The Volunteers

Jag Adadeen volunteered for a year with prosperous Friday club before beginning a psychology course at Cardiff University. Jag now returns to help in his university holidays and for special Prospero events.

Noel Harris – Noel first came to a Mind Fitness course and from there moved to become a Friday Club assistant. Noel helped with the creative content of our recent production The Wizard of Oz.

Elaine Dalyrimple retired from her teaching career in 2017 and joined Prospero as a Friday club volunteer. She had taken part in Thunderbirds, Dad’s Army, The Lion King and The Wizard of Oz.

Lyn Robinson has been an admin volunteer since Prospero began in 2015. She provides invaluable support in meetings, with production notes, she carries out essential research and typed the original manuscript for Unlock You.

Sacha Eden – Sacha has just completed her first year as a Friday club support assistant. She is also a member of the Community Touring Company and is currently training on our Mind Fitness programme.


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