Mission Statement

Our aim is to produce a programme of work that challenges exclusion at every level of our culture.

Our USP is that we combine creative practice with wellbeing. All our arts practitioners are trained in Mindfulness and CBT as well as drama / art therapy. We use the techniques outlined in Unlock You which Artistic Director Beth Wood wrote with Andy Barker (Pearson 2019.) If people are well, confident and happy they contribute, investing in the community, building community resilience through diversity.

MIndfulness isn’t just something we ‘use’ or ‘do’, it is woven into the fabric of our ethos and every part of our work.  It is essential to achieving positive outcomes for our community. Our understanding of the neuroscience that sits beneath mindfulness, has enabled us to authentically utilise this approach as a core methodology.

In 2017 we prioritised identifying and removing barriers to full access. We have cascaded this out to our community partners and beyond with some impressive results. The opportunities for what can be achieved in the next five years are enormous. We confront inequality, social isolation and mental ill-health on a daily basis. Wherever possible we show that a perceived ‘deficit’ can be a strength.

Everyone has needs, value and most of all a voice. All of our work has the celebration of ‘everyday creativity’ at its heart, and we recognise how special and how extraordinary this can be.

We aim to drive societal change by challenging and transforming perceptions of disability.

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