About Prospero in Schools

The education sector is reporting very high levels of stress and anxiety in schools. The Prospero education programme uses drama as a development total to address this, and to build resilience and release creativity. All workshops and projects are designed to help young people to have a positive self-image and to feel more able to aspire and achieve. As well as the programme of workshops we undertake ongoing projects with schools and can help you to develop a funding application for this work, if required. Please click on the link to see the PDF below.
Mind Fit and Creative
The Mind Fit and Creative Programme has age-appropriate sessions for 5 to 18-year-olds.
For primary and secondary Year 7 these are based around a story which includes an element of quest. To succeed in the quest the young people have to learn various mindfulness-based techniques to bring themselves into the space where they can think best. For Year 8 upwards the sessions are based around the topic, teaching skills and exercises that ensure that pupils have solid techniques that will enable them to look after their mental health and wellbeing.
Mindful Interventions
The Mindful Interventions Project is coming to the end of it’s second year. This programme is is funded by Children in Need. It is a rolling program working with selected students Who are struggling with anxiety in eight schools across the primary and secondary sectors. We work with these young pupils over a period of time, imparting techniques that will help them manage their anxiety and enlisting them as Mind Fitness Ambassadors, able to help others with the coping skills that they have learned.
INSET Sessions
INSET Sessions for staff detailing the Mind Fitness techniques are extremely popular. These help to ensure legacy for our work with the students as well as giving techniques that the teachers themselves can use to manage their wellbeing.
Workshops can be full day, half day or 1 1/2 hour twilight sessions.
Mindful Transitions
Mindful Transitions is in year three, funded by the Community Foundations of Surrey and Hertfordshire. We work with six special schools each year developing a story-based workshop with their students. These students then lead sessions with us in primary schools local to them. As well as developing creative skills and learning the Mind Fitness techniques this highly successful project gives real responsibility to pupils often for the first time in their lives.
The Sunnydown Performance Project
Prospero are in year five of working with Sunnydown Special School in Caterham. The Sunnydown Performance Project has dual aims of building emotional control and resilience and developing performance skills. It is outward facing, working towards the boys performing to various groups and organisations and building links in the community.
Drama Workshops in Schools
Well known Story based Sessions for Primary Schools
The sessions are fully interactive, working with up to 30 people is at a time. They last for 1 1/2 hours and require a hall and 15 minutes set up time.
Greek Myths – choose from Hercules, Pandora or Medusa
Role Dahl Stories – choose from Charlie and the chocolate factory Matilda, The Witches
All sessions are designed and delivered to encourage confidence, reflective ability and team working skills, in line with the Prospero ethos.
Shakespeare Sessions for Year 6 and all Secondary Year Groups
The sessions for Year 6 are 1 1/2 hours
The sessions for Secondary Year Groups are two hours
All sessions require a hall and 15 minutes set up time. They are age appropriate .
Choose from:
Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Hamlet, The Tempest.
All sessions are designed and delivered to encourage confidence, reflective ability and team working skills, in line with the Prospero ethos.

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