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About Prospero Mind Fitness

Prospero work in partnership with Mind Fitness to design and deliver projects to:

Reduce stress and anxiety

Reframe negative thinking

Build resilience

Release creativity

Develop emotional controls

‘Unlock You’, published by Pearson, follows the Mind Fitness Programme. It is co-written by Beth Wood and Andy Barker and is currently nominated for the Business Book of the Year Award.
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Mind Fitness for Performers
We hold regular open Mind Fitness for Performers sessions. The next of these is on Sunday, February 2nd at the Fourth Monkey Studios in London.
Sessions will enable performers to:

Do better at auditions

Use pressure positively to perform better

Cope with the pressures of a constantly changing lifestyle

To book go to www.mindfitness.training/performers
We also work with Equity and Becs and in a large number of theatre companies and drama schools delivering Mind Fitness sessions. These can be with staff or students.
To Book Mind Fitness in a theatre company or training organisation contact beth@mindfitness.training

Mind Fitness For artists
Beth Wood is currently working with the arts development officers of Surrey to develop programmes that will enable artists to better protect their own mental health and to better assist those that they are working with on community projects.

Mind Fitness In Schools
For details of the educational work undertaken by Prospero in partnership with Mind Fitness please visit the Prospero in Schools page of this website.

Mind fitness in the Community
Prospero in partnership with Mind Fitness deliver sessions to community and disability organisations that focus on the preventative side of the mental health equation. We also provide one-to-one coaching and bespoke projects for small groups.













Crisis Services


Samaritans – call free day or night on 116–123



Centre for Psychology

01737–3 06020

Email: East Surrey at Centre for psychology.co.uk

Mind Matters

Mind Matters

0300–3 30–5450


Think Action

Think Action



By giving a small amount regularly, just £3 a month, you can ensure that our work continues and those who most need it can access Prospero’s weekly activities.