What makes Prospero Unique and Innovative?

USP Mindfulness - Our practitioners are trained in Mindfulness and CBT. We use techniques outlined in ‘Unlock You’ which Beth Wood wrote with Andy Barker.

How it works: Therapeutic drama asks the question ‘what would happen if’ (eg if you felt confident enough to …) to enable people to see through the window into a parallel possible world. But when we see through the window it is still incredibly hard to step through. We all instinctively defend against change. Prospero use the mindfulness to stop the defending, the self-sabotage, enabling the step to a place where wellbeing, creative thinking, and personal development happens.

This approach is embedded into every project, every session, every conversation, every training, every one-to-one. We look for commitment to this when we hire new people, and the training extends to ongoing CPD. It is proving incredibly effective.

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