The Ultimate One Stop-Shop Wellness App for the New Normal

UseTembo helps you to reach your full potential with useful exercises designed by specialists to help you in all areas of life. Get FREE Access Today!

Designed by specialists, our app helps you to stay calm, happy, safe and productive.

Brought to you by the same specialist wellness experts behind the award-winning book ‘Unlock You’, UseTembo guides users through a series of proven steps to help you live a productive, calm, happy and fulfilled life both at work and home.

In these unprecedented times, UseTembo can give you the skills you need to navigate and thrive in the new normal.

We’ve designed it to provide a wide range of proven approaches to help as many people as possible


We help businesses, small and large, with corporate-specific wellness content to help them improve work-satisfaction and productivity for employees.


We’re offering individuals the right skills to manage and improve their relationships, work and home life, as well as their general wellbeing, helping them to look after themselves and others.


We help support parents with young children with resources to aid home-schooling, as well as help support working parents and their children.


We provide wellness learning resources for schools targeted specifically to help young learners focus at school and to support general wellbeing throughout their educational careers.

UseTembo offers you a well-rounded approach to wellness, with six key features to complement your wellness journey.

From courses and exercises to supplementary resources, including podcasts and webinars, there are plenty of self-help options to choose from.


Choose from a wealth of wellness courses covering a wide variety of different topics, offering our users a ‘deep dive’ into wellness. If you’re new to self-care, check out our 9-step beginners’ course. We also offer tailored courses for organisations and individuals.


UseTembo offers a series of exercises to boost your mood and help our users combat stress, sleep better, and increase their productivity. Our exercises can also help manage personal and professional relationships, as well as parents and families supporting or home-schooling their children.

Mood Picker

Learn to understand your moods and become more self-aware with Mood Picker, which will match users to useful exercises based on how they feel. If you’re feeling low or stressed, let our app guide you to the solution!


Situations will offer you quick and effective tools to deal with specific situations, particularly in the current climate. Whatever you’re dealing with, our app will link you to relevant exercises as well as useful resources and courses.

Personal Wellness Hub

The Personal Wellness Hub is the heart of the app, where users can save their favourite content for easy access. See courses or exercises you’ve started all in one place and visit your recommendations library for relevant books and podcasts.


We’ve handpicked loads of great supplementary wellness resources, such as recommended books and podcasts to help users on their wellness journey.

With UseTembo, you’re in good hands

Our app has been developed by a team of certified psychologists and wellness experts with decades of experience helping people to live life to its fullest potential. Their combined experience will help support your personal growth through the current climate and give you the tools to thrive thereafter.