Volunteering with Prospero Theatre is a lot of fun and provides great opportunities to build new skills and friendships. Our volunteer programme has become much more than offering a helping hand; becoming part of our membership includes being invited to contribute to creative projects. Our Community Partners scheme means that you can also access other organisations to benefit from a diverse community of like-minded people.
Our work introduces us to incredible people in all walks of life. It's our experience that those who have experienced barriers to volunteering owing to neurodivergence and/or physical disabilities, have much to offer; we make it our mission to remove those obstacles to provide a warm welcome to the Prospero community. Appropriate training is arranged, and our staff team will provide relevant shadowing opportunities and experienced support.
Talent takes many forms, removing and challenging barriers to inclusion has enriched our organisation in many wonderful ways!
Whether you want to help sew costumes and make props at monthly Making Days, or want to support members to perform, we have a range of volunteer opportunities available.
For more information about becoming a volunteer email: tinaslaughter@prosperotheatre.com

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