About Friday Club


In 2018 Prospero adopted social inclusion as one of its primary aims. Since then we have worked to build a network of community partners. These can be seen on the Partners page of this website. As well as the work at Friday Club we organise social events and collaborative artistic events with our partners, trips out to other local venues and in January 2020 we begin our monthly Cinema Club.
Our Next Project
All the time that we are rehearsing a play, (our last play being the Wizard of Oz) we write down the ideas that everyone has for the next production. We currently have a list of 180 ideas! Between January and March 2020 these will be voted down to 6. These last six will be comprehensively workshopped and then the group will decide on the next play. From March to April the devising process begins with members creating characters, storylines and dialogue. Prospero director Beth Wood will then script from this work and rehearsals will begin. We are currently rehearsing a Shakespeare classic, Midsummer Night’s Dream! The performance will be held in January 2021 at The Arc, so keep your eyes peeled for the official performance dates.
Recent projects
The Wizard of Oz
The Lion King
The Howard England Tribute Night.
In February 2019 we lost our longest standing member, the very wonderful Howard England. In May we staged a memorial evening which did much to capture the joy that was Howard. The Wizard of Oz was dedicated to his memory.

A donation of £50 will fund an adult with challenges to come to Friday Club