Collaborative Projects


Create Together

2:30pm - 5:30pm
25 Chaldon Rd, Caterham CR3 5PG

Create Together is an example of partnership work at its best. These sessions take place once a month at the Westway Centre on a Saturday from 2.30 to 5,30. Each has a different subject, chosen in advance by the participants. The drama is led by Prospero Theatre. The art is led by the Westway Centre. The dance is by Sarah Hastings-Holland from Amareece. The result is a joyous explosion of creativity, and is a great place to discover new talents and make new friends.


Smoothing the (‘falling off the cliff’) passage experienced by special school leavers to transition in the last two terms to Prospero activities.


Caterham Festival

A range of inclusive arts activities and community events.


Prospero Spring Ball

An incredible experience for 130 vulnerable adults with high-profile arts content.



We organise trips to the see the work of our community partners and to arts events in London and the South East.


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