Past Productions

Past Productions

Past Productions
The Return of Jafar

Blood Ties

The Life of Barry
The Life of Barry was finally performed at the British Legion in 2021 after an extended rehearsal process mostly conducted on zoom. ‘Barry’ traced the changing fortunes of Barry Borse as he put a difficult childhood behind him and made the world his own

An acclaimed touring production that previewed at the Brighton Festival in 2019. A powerful piece exploring the trauma of domestic abuse.

Bastards in the Black Hole – 2018.
Scripted by Rebecca Riley and performed as part of the Inspiring Change Mental Health Festival , Bastards took a creative look at stage fright. Alex finds her courage and her potential with a little help from a few talking manikins and a bit of artistic license with the concept of time.

Rational Self Interest– 2018
Performed as part of the Inspiring Change Mental Health Festival Rarional Self Interest is the debut play of the very talented Joshua Varty. A darkly humorous look at the issue of suicide and the challenges of the digital world.

Red and the Wolf – 2017
Elephant of My Heart– 2017 to 2018. A project in many stages that began life as a performance by the Harlequin Youth Theatre, migrated to Edinburgh where it got four and five star reviews and then moved to tour hospitals schools with final performances in the Brighton festival.

Radio Projects
Prospero also do regular radio projects in collaboration with Ridge Radio.
The last three have been:
Waving Goodbye - written by Beth Wood. Set in the Second World War and centred around the evacuees.
Resolution HS3017 – written by Suzanna Rickman & Angie Bojtler – A searing science-fiction piece that examines the relationship between humanity and Artificial Intelligence.
The Eddie Venus Story -  written by Suzanna Rickman & Angie Bojtler – A musical comedy about the early life of a young struggling musician.

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