Previous Events

The Wizard of Oz– December 2019
On December 6 and 13th 2019 the Friday Club actors performed our adaptation of the Wizard of Oz to two sell-out and very appreciative audience is. The characters, some from the original stories and some created through improvisation were beautifully drawn and the whole production was staged impress with Prospero’s trademark ensemble style with will, sets of bad witches fighting sets of good in a memorable battle between dragons. The set, created by Rebecca Bush, was pure magic.

After Midnight
On December 15th 2019 Prospero theatre school performed a double bill of After Midnight and Spells of Sisero, the first a powerful and haunting piece featuring a group of characters in the 17th century sentenced to hang it’ll as witches – the second an upbeat fairy story centred around the witch Sisero and her son Jeronius who comes to see the power of being connected. The young performers performed both pieces with maturity and total commitment

Waving Goodbye
Waving Goodbye was performed in December 2019 as the culmination of the 2019 Sunnydown Community Performance Project. The pupils from Sunnydown worked with three actors from Prospero to develop and stage the piece, set in the Second World War, and took it to Elizabeth Court and Cherry Lodge Care Homes. The boys performed excellently and in the outside performances were a credit to their school.

In Autumn 2019 Prospero were lucky to work again with the very wonderful Zoo Co. For five weeks Zoo Co directors came in to devise a piece, Circe, focusing on non-verbal performance techniques. This was performed at the Fairfield Halls in Croydon. The piece was beautifully constructed and performed. As part of the project the Prospero performers were taught some basic sign from deaf actor Will Parsons which we will be using as a springboard in our next show The Life of Barry.

Coma was the 2018 Prospero Community touring show which went to London and Brighton alongside community performances in Caterham . Coma was a devised play created from the stimulus of social isolation and loneliness. The end result was a powerful piece of drama which began with a woman waking up from a coma as both her 16 and 60 year old selves.

The Lion King
The Lion King was last year’s Friday Club play performed in December 2018. It was a production a pure exuberance with many moments of humour as well as joy. The show made extensive use of physical theatre and song to confirm the hope that is ours when we step into the Circle of Life. This was our first set designed and created by the fabulous Rebecca Bush.

Inspiring Change Mental Health Festival
Inspiring Change was an ambitious Project organised by Prospero in partnership with Mind Fitness In 2018, which profiled the issue of positive mental health. It brought together a host of creative companies and individuals, venues, speakers and mental health charities already working for positive change.

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